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Avet Reels
Avet New G2 Series are available NOW. The SX and MX reels Single and 2 speed are both going out the door. Check them out here

The Avet HX and HXW Raptors  have a 3 speed added to their lineup. This has added even more versatility to a very versatile reel
~~ In a surprise announcement, Avet  unveiled their latest entry into the Big Game reel industry with the introduction of the Avet Pro 50W 3 speed reels. These include both the Avet Pro 50W and the very popular Avet SDS 50 Topless, Check Them out

Avet TRX 50W's @ $769 Click Here

NEW: Avet Pro 50W and Avet Pro 80W's
Dolphin Electreel motorized versions are
now available, see them here
Above: Avet Pro 80 3 speed
Above: Avet Pro 80W with
Dolphin Electreel Motor drive
Avet Reel Index:

Avet SX
Avet SXJ
Avet MX
Avet JX & LX
Avet HX
Avet Pro 30 & 30W
Avet Pro 30W 3 speed
Avet Pro 50 & 50W
Avet Pro 50W 3 speed 
Avet T-RX 30W, 50, 50W
Avet T-RX80W, Avet T-RX130
Avet Pro 80W
Avet Pro 80-3 speed
Avet Pro 80W 3 speed
Avet SX Raptor
Avet SXJ Raptor
Avet HX Raptor
Avet HXW Raptor
Avet LX & JX Raptor
Avet MX Raptor
Pictured below are the complete line of Avet models from the SX to the mighty TRX and Pro 80 reels. Click on the pics to go to the individual page  for more information or to order

The Raptor HX  is a monster reel as we expected. We can't wait to try it out,
seems this baby will be a lightweight replacement for some large International 30
style reels .With its astonishing specs we cannot wait to try it out.
It is rated at 40 pounds of drag at strike with 50 pounds at max. Dual carbon fiber drags, Avets 5 position McCast feature, and high speed gearing, this should be an instant hit.

In addition the Avet HXW Raptor is now available. The HXW Raptor will not have the McCast mag feature, its primary purpose is trolling or deep dropping, however it does have the power handgrip on it as standard
The Avet HX Raptor will have a 5.4-1 high, and a 1.9-1 low gear for maximum power

The "SX RAPTOR", This is a lot more than an SX 6/4 on steroids.
This reel, based on the Avet  SX 6/4 2 speed, is modified with dual carbon fiber
drag discs,  a larger spool giving it the capacity to hold 300 plus yds of 60 lb
braid, a ball detent drag lever for precise adjustment, and the recently introduced McCast magnetic cast control system
It will pull an astonishing 26 pounds of drag with its dual carbon fiber discs all in
a package that weighs just 17 ounces. This 8 ball bearing reel is targeted at Tuna in the 80-120 pound range. Anticipation ran high on this reel, and Avet once again didn't disappoint.

The Raptor SX is the first in a series of Raptors to include the SX, MX, JX LX, and HX series reels. All of these will incorporate the same configuration of dual carbon fiber drag discs with
Avet Raptors
Above: Avet SX Raptors
The Avet Lineup....
Above: Avet SX 5.3 single speed reels
Above: Avet SX 6/4 2 speed reel,
Click on pics for more info

Avet MXL 6/4 2 speed, Click on
pic for more info
Avets SX reels have become the fastest
selling all metal fishing reels in the world.
Superior performance and incredible durability
have proven to be a powerful advantage
for the angler.
Avet MC Cast magged series, now you can cast like a Pro ........every time

In stock, SX, MXJ, MXL, JX, LX, and HX singles and 2 speed McCast reels LEFT HANDED versions  available
A 5 position button operated and extremely easy to use system, Avets new MC Cast reels are finally here They have been field "tested" by several of the office gals at the Avet factory.
Total novices, they were able to make some impressive casts with NO bird nests or overruns. Sounds like something alot of us may need.
Click on the image below for more info...

Since their introduction in late 2001, Avet reels have become one of the most sought after line of saltwater reels in the world. Their superior design, use of the finest materials and incredible power to size / weight have made them a go - to reel for many anglers worldwide.
Cabbage Key has been one of their very first dealers and have featured them since the beginning. We are proud to have been part of the growth and story of Avet Reels, made in the USA
Avets versatile MX series comes in 2 sizes, the MXL and the MXJ. The difference is the spool width with the MXJ being the narrow spool version designed with jigging in mind. An excellent 20-25 lb reel, the MX series has become a favorite with many. Available in single 5.8 -1 ratio or 2 speed
Avet JX & LX conventional reels
Avet LX 2 speed
Avet JX 2 speed
The iconic Avet JX and it slightly wider spool brother, the Avet LX, have become the reel of choice for anglers using 30 -40 pound tackle. Together they have caught many species from 15 to 150 pounds, Click for more information
Avet HX Series reels
Avet HX 5/2

Avets famed HX series reels have reset the standard in 4/0 size conventional fishing reels. Available in 3 widths, they cover many applications, Click for more information, specs and to order

Avet Pro 30 size reels
Avets Pro 30 has set the bar in the international 30 class trolling reels. Their proprietory
platform using 8 ball bearings is unmatched in the industry .
Click for more information or to order

Avet Pro 50W
The Avet Pro 50W is the choice of top charter captains worldwide. Utilizing their famed
8 bearing platform, Avet has crafted the top 50 class reel on the planet

NEW~~Now available in a 3 speed version,

Click here for more information or to place an order

Avet Pro 50 SDS
San Diego Special
The Avet Pro 50 SDS has probably caught more 200 pound plus yellowfin tuna than any other reel. Quite simply a beautiful piece of machinery. Now available in a 3 speed version, click here for more information or to order

Avet Pro 80W
Avets Pro 80W with its famed dual drag disks and 9 ball bearing construction is the
smoothest and the most powerful 80 class on the market
New~~Now available in  a 3 speed version
Click here  for more information or to place an order

Avet TRX fishing reels
The Avet TRX reels,  with their mind boggling drags have set a new standard in
big game reels.
The angler now has a new weapon that is light weight, yet capable of handling the largest
of species in the sea. Available in a 30W, 50, and 50W,  and the awesome Avet 80W TRX

Click here for more information or to place an order

TRX 80W Click Here

TRX 130 Click Here

Avet Raptors
Avet HX & HXW Raptors pictured above

Avets new line of extremely strong lightweight Raptors adds a new dimension to your arsenal.
This lineup will eventually include all the smaller Avet reels including the SX, MX, JX. LX and HX reels.
Each will incorporate a dual carbon fiber drag capable of  produceing enormous drag pressure for their corresponding size.. For instance the HX series can produce 40 pounds of drag at strike with fifty pounds maximum and still retain great freespool
Click here for more information or to order
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Avet Pro 50W and Pro80W reels are available with a Dolphin Motorized Drive unit for the ultimate in bullet proof electric reels. See them on our Dolphin Electreels page here
Avet MX Series
Avet TRX 130, yes, they are ready  Click here
Avets New Star Drag reel is available NOW

Coming Soon from Avet, the long awaited Star Drag reel we have been promised

Above: Avet TRX 80W & TRX 50W's