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Seeker Hercules
Seeker’s Hercules  jigging and popping rods have seen enormous success in various markets and types of fishing. These versatile, lightweight yet incredibly strong rods are muscling their way into many angler’s quiver. Although this S-Glass and graphite rod was originally designed for deep water vertical jigging, the tip is slightly more sensitive than other jigging rods, in all but the XH versions, allowing variations of use. Slow tapered and lightweight, any angler will find a Hercules that suits their needs. Available in ten spinning and conventional models, from 6’ to 9’, as light as 15# and heavy as 100#, the Hercules™ line is well rounded.

*New Graphite colored blanks, Fuji titanium plated SiC guides, and a more attractive, contemporary wrap.

If you are used to the typical fast action rod that bends at the top  then stiffens quickly, these are quite different. These are meant to have shock absorbing qualities while fighting huge ,strong fish with braided lines in a stand up mode. They possess a parabolic, uniform bending action designed for East Coast jigging style for Blue Fin and giant Amberjack so do keep that in mind when ordering

These extremely light, immenously strong rods match up perfectly with Avets powerful Raptors

Seeker Hercules  Conventional Jigging Rods

SHS 70L-7' 15-30 $354 Charcoal
SHS 70M-7' 30-60 $360 Charcoal
SHS 70H-7' 40-80 $388 Charcoal 
SHS 60H-6' 40-80 $357 Charcoal
SHS 60XH-6' 50-100 $360 Charcoal

SHS 70XH-7' 50-100 $407 Charcoal

Seeker Hercules Spinning Rods

SHS-60H Spinning Rod  6'     40-60 lb class        $399
SHS-60XH Spinning Rod 6'   50-100 lb class      $406
SHS-70L Spinning Rod    7'   15-30 lb class        $403
SHS-70M Spinning Rod   7'    30-60 lb class       $408
SHS-70H Spinning Rod    7'    40-80 lb class       $443
SHS-70XH Spinning Rod  7'   50-100 lb class     $452
SHS-80 Spinning Rod      8'    15-30 lb class        $489
SHS-80H Spinning Rod    8'    30-60 lb class       $495

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