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Alutecnos reel cover

Alutecnos Reels
Simply one of the finest saltwater reels made in the world, Alutecnos reels are available in 3 series, the single speed ultra fast Veloce, the brutally strong Gorilla series and the ultimate fishing reel, the Albacore. The Alutecnos Albacore reels are available in both single and 2 speed models
NEW ~~~~Alutecnos reels are now available in several new colors, Red, Green, Blue and Black are added to the Silver or Gold color choices, They are a special order from Italy and will take about several weeks, call us on this
Alutecnos Albacore 80W
From the nation that brings us Sophia Loren, Michaelangelo, Lamborghini, Alfa Romero, Ferrari,  the list goes on.......and includes some of the finest fishing reels the world has ever seen, bar none....

Italy, home to Alutecnos, manufacturers of some of the most technologically advanced fishing reels, rods and associated gear in the world.
If you have never held an Alutecnos reel in your hands, you are indeed missing out on some of the finest fishing reels money can buy.

Cabbage Key is proud to offer the full Alutecnos line from the single and two speed reels to their rods and fighting harnesses          

The Alutecnos frontal cam and lock release button  automatically rearms the gear lever into "free" or "full" mode. Alutecnos features five bearings and gears made from tempered stainless steel guaranteeing  further resistance from corrosion. The system for anchoring the Alutecnos reel to the rod is robust and reliable using four anchor screws.

The Alutecnos drag washer. made from the latest carbon composite, is appropriately protected to ensure smooth and consistent use during the most intense battles, "stick-slip" is virtually eliminated. All of the aluminium parts have been buffed ultrasonically cleaned, polished and anodized with a gold or silver finish. All of the parts have been machined from bars using CNC working processes and are subjected to rigorous dimensional and quality control checks.

Alutecnos engineers have perfected a special assembly technique that permits all screws (made exclusively from stainless steel AISI 316) to be loosened even after long periods in harsh marine environments..Alutecnos Graphics are applied using computerised laser technology. Eleven Alutecnos models from 12 to 80/130 lbs all in right and left hand versions.are available These and others are the technical characteristics that make Alutecnos reels an incomparable and reliable product. Simplicity and an extreme ease of use make it a different and highly competitive product, an item for true sportsmen and a unique purchase... an Alutecnos reel will last forever

Alutecnos single speed reels

Alutecnos Veloce ~ The Ultimate Jigging reel
Above: Veloce 20 single speed
If you are looking for the ultimate Jigging reel, do yourself a favor and just buy a Alutecnos Veloce. You will never be sorry for this decision. Simply the best on the market, Superb attention to detail, super fast and beefy to handle the big boys!

The Veloce is easily recognizable thanks to the blue color of the handle and drag release button, the 20 lbs Veloce reels keep unchanged all the characteristics that made them famous in the standard version and differ only for the ratio which in this case is 6,2:1 (instead of 4:1), so as to allow an easy and swift retrieving of line.                                                                                      

Veloce 20 specs    $644
Super fast 6.2-1 ratio
- Infinite Anti-reverse
- 5 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
- New ergonomic handle and drag release button
- Entirely CNC machined from solid aluminum bar
- 52 inches retrieve per revolution
-Laser printed graphics
-Line Capacity, 875/20 Mono
-Weight: 2 lbs

Veloce 12 specs:  $619.00

Super fast 6.2-1 ratio
- Infinite Anti-reverse
- 5 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
- New ergonomic handle and drag release button
- Entirely CNC machined from solid aluminum bar
- 52 inches retrieve per revolution
-Laser printed graphics
-Line Capacity, 900/12 Mono
-Weight: 1.6 lbs
-Colors available, Silver & Gold stocked
These are available on order usually 3 weeks
from Italy, Blue, Green, Red, Gunmetal, Black

Alutecnos Gorilla single speed Jigging reels
Gorilla Series Reels~ Single speed Jigging reels
Alutecnos Gorilla series Jigging reels come in 4 sizes, ranging from the Gorilla 6V to the Gorilla 20.
The Albacore Gorilla 8V is small and light. A compact fishing reel designed for vertical jigging. The integrated drag pre-set and drag slide plate have an ergonomic design for comfort while battling your favorite gamefish.

A longer operating lever combined with the aluminum power handle generates considerable power to better exploit the fast retrieve ratio (6.2:1).

With only 580 grams (20.45 oz) of weight, the Albacore Gorilla 8V maintains all the other mechanical characteristics that made Gorilla 12, 12C and 20 reels famous. Available in silver and gold.

Specs   $669

Ratio : 6.2-1
Weight: 20.45 oz.
Max Drag: 20Lbs with free spool
Line Capacity: 500/50 Braid, 300/65 Braid,
430/12 mono, 270/20 mono
Available colors, Silver or Gold
These are available on order usually 3 weeks
from Italy, Blue, Green, Red, Gunmetal, Black


Small, powerful, elegant and immediately recognizable, this is the synthesis of the new Alutecnos Albacore 12 and 20 Gorilla reels. With its MULTI DRAG DISC that can be set over 40 lbs, a guaranteed free-spool, and a 4,4:1 ratio that proves to be perfect with this high power, it will be possible to lie in wait for and pull quickly on board preys that otherwise with conventional reels would be very difficult if not impossible to catch. Expressly studied for extreme deep-jigging, it stands out not only for its powerful and functional performance, but also for its elegant look, silver anodizing, drag release button and red coloured handle. Albacore 12 and 20 “Gorilla” reels, once more a "masterpiece for the art of fishing" by Alutecnos.

Specs:   $679
Gold type 2 hard anodized Finish
4.4-1 Ratio
All 316 stailess internals
5 Stainless shielded ball bearings
Body machined from solid bar stock anti corrodal aluminum (6061-T)
650/50 Braid, 600/20 mono, 850/12 mono
28 ounces

Gorilla 20 single speed
The Gorilla 20 Reel is equipped with a Multi Disc Drag system. Featuring the same characteristic elegance as the 12 Gorilla, including the red colored handle and drag release button. It is also equipped with a recovery ratio of 4.4:1 which allows an easy rewinding of the linein any condition. The Multi Disc Drag System can easily exceed 45 lbs. braking pressure, with full free-spool, an element that makes this reel a unique technological jewel with regard to power and versatility in use. There are removable harness lugs, once removed, makes a very efficient vertical jigging reel.

Specs:  $695

Drag; 45 Pounds Max
Line Capacity: 535/50 Braid. 450/65, 400/80
Weight: 35 oz.
Gear Ratio: 4.4-1

Alutecnos Albacore Reels
The design and implementation of Albacore reels is a collaboration of all the men of ALUTECNOS with the commitment not only to the content "technology" but also paying attention to design and detail.
The result is a product that stands out on both the aesthetic and technical aspects with special features of absolute importance, such as the system "antireverse" applied for the first time to a trolling reel.

Dynamic features such as  a frontal cam and lock release button for placing in "free" or in full utilizing the clutch lever with automatic reset. Five stainless steel ball bearings and gears made from hardened stainless steel and therefore resistant to corrosion. A robust and reliable reel foot using four screws . A huge drag disc of carbon composite of the 'last generation, properly protected, can ensure long hours of fighting while retaining the braking characteristics and sweetness in the progression of braking without annoying stick-slip phenomena.

All aluminum parts are polished , ultrasonically cleaned, polished and chemically anodized gold or silver. All components are machined from bar by CNC machining and subject to strict dimensional control.The special care of the machining cycles and a careful selection of raw materials and components, all of excellent quality, contributing to the creation of a technically perfect product.

Alutecnos Albacore single speed reel
Albacore 12  4-1                                                    $678.00
Albacore 20 4-1                                                     $730.00
Albacore 30N 3.3-1 53 oz 875 /30 mono      $795.00
Albacore 30W 3.3-1 55 oz 1100/30 mono      $846.00
Albacore 50 3.3-1 65 oz 870/50 mono           $910.00
Albacore 50W 3.3-1 68oz 1050/50 mono      $972.00
Albacore 80 2.8-1 97oz 976/80 mono            $1204.00
Albacore 80W 2.8-1 103oz 1200/80mono     $1376.00

Alutecnos Albacore 2 speed reels

Albacore 30 2 spd 3.3, 1.7-1 56 oz 875 /30 mono $963.00
Albacore 30W 2 spd 3.3, 1.7-1 59 oz 1100/30 mono $996.00
Albacore 50 2 spd 3.3, 1.7-1 70 oz 870/50 mono $1057.00
Albacore 50W 2 spd 3.3, 1.7-1 76 oz 1050/50 mono $1154.00
Albacore 80 2 spd 3.0, 1.4-1 103 oz 976/80 mono $1373.00
Albacore 80W 2 spd 3.0 1.4-1 108 oz 1200/80 mono$1460.00
Albacore 130 2 spd 2.2 1.0 -1 168 oz 925/130 mono $1998.00
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Above Gorilla 12 in front, Veloce 12 in back
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