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Avet Pro 50 SDS
Avet Pro 50 SDS, Made in the USA

Now available in either 2 or 3 speed versions

Avets venerable Pro 50 SDS. Standard equipment on the long range trips out of San Diego
The San Diego Special has caught more giant Yellowfin Tuna than any other reel.
Avets Pro EX50 Topless San Diego Special, a custom reel at a standard price, this reel has
the top bar removed to provide a better look at your line and to faciltate thumbing. Holding
630+ of 130lb hollow spectra with dual carbon fiber Drag discs and
a titanium brake plate pulling 50+ pounds of drag at strike, this reel is ready out of the box.
It sports a notch machined out of the rear bar for your thumb. Weight is 64 ounces, Gold,
Blue, Silver, Purple, Gunmetal or Black anodized finishes available. Gear Ratios 3:2-1, 1:3-1,  it will hold up to 630/130 Spectra, 400/80 mono

SDS 2 Sp Price $653.00 
SDS 3 Sp Price $779.00
Avet Pro 50 SDS 3 speed information & sales Click here
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Avet Pro 50SDS
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