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Avet SX &
MX Raptors
Above: Avet SX Raptor

Avets SX " RAPTOR", a lot more than an SX 6/4 on steroids.
First in a series that will eventually include the MX, JX, LX and HX reels, the Raptor series will provide much excitement in their ability to bring in huge fish in their lightweight, super strong configuration

The SX Raptor, first in the series, is based on the Avet  SX 6/4 2 speed, featuring dual carbon fiberdrag discs on the same side.
and the recently introduced McCast magnetic cast control system.  It will pull an astonishing 26 pounds of drag with its dual carbon fiber discs all in a package that weighs just 17 ounces. This reel is targets many species includingTuna in the 80-160 pound range
Available in Black, Silver, Blue, Purple, Gold, Red, Green and Patriot Flag
Left Hand crank is available
Nice price  $461.00

Weight : 17 ounces
Line capacity: 300/50 braid  275/60 hollow braid
Line retrieval per crank: high gear 39", low gear 24"
Bearings: 8 s/s sealed
Drag : 17 strike, 26 full
Gear ratios: 6:3-1, 3:8-1
Made in the USA
Avet SXJ Raptor

Avet recently introduced the SXJ Raptor, a narrow jigging version of the SX Raptor, it has the same specs as the regular SX while being 3/8" narrower, Nice price  $451.00
Avet MX Raptor
Above: Avet MXL Raptor

These compact sized reels are a top choice for those seeking a 20-25 pound size reel with the immense power of having an additional carbon fiber drag disc doubling the drag pressure to 25-31 pounds total over the standard MX reels

Two models in the MX series, the MXL and the MXJ.
Primary difference betwen the 2 reels is the width of the spool. The MXL is the wider of the two by 3/8" of an inch, and of course weight is one ounce heavier on the MXL at 22 ounces

Ideal for those seeking fish in the 25 to 125 pound range
Colors available include Silver, Gold, Blue, Purple, Black, Red, Green,
Camo, Gunmetal


MXL Raptor  $498.99 with McCast
MXL Raptor $453.99 non McCast 

Line Cap: , Braid 375/50, 300/65, 250/80
MXJ Raptor  $487.99 with MCast, $441.99 non McCast
Line Cap: 300/50, 265/65
Max drag : 21 strike / full 31 pounds
Gear ratio 6:3-1. 3.8-1
Inches per crank: 45". 27"
Weight: 21 ounces (MXJ, 22 ounces (MXL)
727 484 6705
SX Raptor Colors
SXJ Raptor Colors
MXL Raptor
MXL Raptor Colors
MXJ Raptor
MXJ Raptor Colors