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Dolphin Electric Reels
Deep dropping for swords? Or simply tired
of cranking in a thousand yards of line?
Dolphin electric fishing reels represent the
latest Penn 80VSW , Shimano Tiagra, or Avet Pro EX series in combo
technology for deep drop fishing reels available
They sre simply unmatched in their ability to
bring up the
catch from the deep with trouble free ease
of operation.
We would like to take the opportunity to
introduce our complete line of Dolphin
Whisenhunt® Electric motor drives for
Avet Pro EX, Penn® International, Penn®
Senator and Shimano Tiagra fishing reels
with manual override. To disengage , simply
flip a switch and your Dolphin reel operates
as a standard manual reel
Dolphin Electreel Inc. manufactures a quality product backed by one-year warranty. The feedback we
have been receiving from distributors, dealers and fishermen is very positive and we are extremely
exicted to have reached a milestone of 26 years of production and increases in our customer base since
Stocked as complete ready to fish units, we can also motorize your new or used Avet Pro 50 or Pro 80,
Penn® International, Penn® Senator, or Shimano Tiagra Reels. All of our manufactured parts are made
in the USA. using CNC machined components, marine and aircraft grade of the highest quality to insure
complete reliability and long service life
Dolphin Whisenhunt Electric fishing reels are designed for most anglers with physical limitations or
challenged such as disabilities, disabled, handicap, handicapped and the physically challenged, or
simply if you want an assist in retrieving a bait from a thousand feet down.
Available in 12V and 24V, please specify when ordering
Avet Dolphin Motorized reels
Avet Pro 50W and their Pro 80W's are now available with the famed Dolphin
motorized drive system. Talk about a great combo, Avets super smooth carbon fiber drag is an excellent match with Dolphins reliable motor drive . Providing incredible amounts of drag with a powerful 12 or 24 volt motor puts the angler in a distinct advantage. No longer is the prospect of cranking in 2000 feet of line a problem. Simply flip a switch and the line starts coming in reliably at the rate of 325 feet per minute.

These are available in matching Gold, Silver, Blue, or Black anodized finish. You can send us your reels for the factory to attach the motor drive or order new ones with the motor drive assembled and ready to go. Order below and start catching swords or any other species you care to target the easy way.

Note: Gold and SIlver are available immediately, different colors will take a couple of weeks longer to procure/anodize/assemble to suit. Please consider that when ordering, Please note that colors other than Gold or Silver will incur a $200 upcharge for additional special handling Thank You

Avet Pro series electric combos

Avet/Dolphin Pro 50W complete motorized combo    $ 3038

Avet/Dolphin Pro 50W upgrading your reel                $ 2399.

Avet/Dolphin Pro 80W complete motorized combo     $ 3554

Avet/Dolphin Pro 80W upgrading your reel                 $ 2699.

Order below

Avet/ Dolphin 80Wupgrade
Penn International Combos

Dolphin Electreel w/Penn 50VW upgrade 12V    DPIC50VW      $2269.00

Dolphin Electreel w/Penn 70VS upgrade 12V 228.0 oz.       DPIC70VS       $2399.00

Dolphin Electreel w/Penn 80VSW upgrade 12V 271.0 oz.    DWPIC80VSW  $2399.00

Dolphin Electreel w/Penn 130VSX upgrade 12V 336.0 oz.   DWPIC130VSX  $2599.00


Dolphin/Shimano Tiagra Combos

Dolphin  upgrade for Shimano Tiagra 50WA DSTC50WA $2269.00

Dolphin  upgrade for Shimano Tiagra 50W Long Range DSTC50WLR $2269.00

Dolphin  upgrade for  Shimano Tiagra 80WA DSTC80WA $2499.00

Dolphin  upgrade for Shimano Tiagra 130WA DSTC130WA $2699.00

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Dolphin Penn Senator Motor Drive units

If you own a Penn Senator and want it motorized, here are the units you need. The Dolphin factory will have to install it as it requires some precision machining to accomplish

Upgrade your existing much loved penn Senator reel into a serious fish catching machine
with one of our Dophin Electric motor drives. Serious MOJO here, these work great, you will love the finished product. Send us your existing Penn  reel  and we will add the motor drive and send it back to you . Call or email for mailing instructions, 727 484 6705

Dolphin Electreel for Penn Senator 114H  DPSC114H  $899.99
Dolphin Electreel for Penn Senator 114HLW DPSC114HLW $899.99

Dolphin Electreel for Penn Senator 115L DPSC115L $1699.99

Dolphin Electreel for Penn Senator 116L DWPSC116L $2100.00
727 484 6705
Avet/Dolphin 80w Combo