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Avet HX, HXJ
& HXW Reels
Above: Avet HXW 5/2
Above: Avet HX 5/2 reels
  Avet HXJ 5/2 reels
The Avet HX 5/2 looks to be a real hoss. About the same size physically as the Trinidad 40, this reel will deliver performance unmatched by anything currently on the market. Our tests have shown incredible casting ability for a reel this size.
It is complimented by  wide version, the HXW and a Narrow Spool version, the HXJ, for jigging

Specifically designed with the giant wahoo in mind, this reel with its 5.4 high gear. 2.4 low gear will be quite capable of pulling in small marlin.tuna, giant kings,etc.

Cabbage Key is proud to offer this outstanding piece of equipment, this is another must have for the serious fisherman

Weight: 26 ounces
Line Capacity 325/40 mono, 400/80 hollow braid
Drag Pressure: 21 strike-27 max lbs
Gear Ratios: 2 speed= 5.4-1 2.4-1, single speed has a 4.2-1 ratio
8 s/s Sealed ball bearings
2 Rod Clamps
1 yr factory warranty 

HXW wide spool
Wgt. 28 oz
Line capacity: 525 /40, 400/50 mono, 600/80 braid
Drag: 21 strike 27 max
Gear ratios 5:4-1, 2:4-1
8 s/s sealed ball bearings
2 Rod clamps
1 yr warranty  

HXJ  Narrow spool
Wgt. 25 ounces
Line Capacity: braid 300/80 425/65
Drag: 21 strike 27 max
ar Ratios 5:4-1, 2:4-1
8 ss sealed ball bearings
Avet HXJ Colors
Avet HXW Colors
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HXW 4.2 colors
HXW 4.2 colors
Avet HX Colors