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Avet Pro 80W
Above: Avet Pro 80W 2 speed reels

Giant Shark, Tuna, Marlin, & Swords are no match for the powerful, ultra smooth Avet Pro 80W. This reel gives you THE ADVANTAGE

See our special Shark package below

Avet Pro EXW80 2 spd, an amazing reel Those of you familiar with the Avet platform will
recognize it immediately. It features superb machining and the industry leading dual
drag system that has made Avet the world leader in offshore reels.

If your game is deep drops for Swordfish, or shark fishing from the beach, the
Avet Pro 80W is worth a serious look. Sporting an ultra smooth powerful drag and the
ability to spool 1900 yds of 130 hollow braid , this reel is required equipment for
the serious fisherman.
       Once again Avet has set the bar higher
in the 80 class by offering a substantially
better reel than the competition at a better price.
Avet Pro 80W, Made in the USA
The specifications are as follows
2 speed 2.7-1 high, 1.3-1 low
Dual carbon fiber drag discs
Drag pressure @ strike-50 lbs. @full-60 lbs
9 S/S RUBBER SEALED bearings
Weight 103 ounces
Rod clamp
Line Capacity 1000yds 80 lb mono,1900/130 hollow braid
Available in Silver, Gold, Blue, Purple, Red, Green,  Black
Pink or Gunmetal
Full 1 year warranty only $856
Avet Pro 80 Std width

For those who don't need the line capacity or bulk of the 80W, we have the Avet Pro 80 2 speed in Standard width. This amazing reel will still spool an exceptional amount of line, has the same specs as the Pro 80W, just a bit narrower .
Line Capacity on this reel is 1200 Yds/130 # Hollow braid

only $805.00 !!
Avet Pro 80 std 2 sp
We originated the 80 W Shark Special , see it below, now only $969.00
727 484 6705
Avet Pro 80W 2 spd Color Choice
Spooling options
80W 2s Shark Spec Colors
Avet Pro 80N 2 spd colors
Cabbage Key Shark Fishing Special

Cabbage Key,  We were the first to offer the shore based Shark fishermen this incredible deal
Purchase our Avet Pro 80W - 2 spd and we'll spool it with our combination of 130# Braid and add a topshot of abrasion resistant High Seas Grand Slam 100# or130# mono
We will rig an integral loop to loop connection putting on a total of 900-1300 yds .
We usually charge $155.00 to $200 for this spooling,

Shark fishing Special:

with 3 spooling options:

$969.00  Standard with 500/130  braid, 500/100 mono or 400/130 mono topshot

$996.00 will have 750/130 braid and a 450/100 mono or 400/130 mono topshot

$1029.00 gets you 1000 yds  braid and a 300/100# yd mono or 265/130# yd topshot
Avet Pro 80W 2 spd Priced at $856, various colors available