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Seeker East Coast Rods
Although Seeker Rod Company started on the West Coast, they have developed rods to meet the demands of East Coast Fishing! Itís clear that East Coast fisherman are just as hardcore or even more so than those on the other coast. This is the reason Seeker drew up plans to bring the full line of rods to the market just for the anglers fishing for stripers, tilefish, false albacore, tautog, and others. This line includes everything from bait rods to casting rods, to trolling rods, to surf rods. There is even a specific rod for cod and full line of Bunker Spoon and Wireline rods. A Seeker will always be a Seeker no matter where in the world you are fishing.
Boat & Jigging Rods
BA 330-7' WL 7' Wireline              $293

All Roller  (AFTCO)

BTS 660H-6' AR     30-80             $ 304
BTS 660XH-6' AR    40-100           $ 358
BTS 660XXH-6' AR  50-130           $ 415

All Roller (Removable Unibutt)

BTS 660H-6'  AR/UB      30-80         $379
BTS 660XH-6' AR/UB     40-100        $429
BTS 6460XXH-6' AR/UB  50-130       $446
80-130 ( WIND ON ROLLERS)         $510

Cod Rods

BA Cod Rod 8'                                 $239                            

Unfortunately we are not currently offering Seeker rods at this time. Please check out our other top brands